Monday, August 31, 2015

Thursday, August 13, 2015

The cuff links

Used a color gel filter with flash light. Mismatch between 16 shot film-setting and advancing the film as per 12 shot lead to the overlap. The horizontal colored lines are may be due to the defective film processing by the studio old man.

Hello world!

My cousin's baby boy. I wanted to create some permanent photographs for him. While I made the setting of 16 shots per roll, but was winding as per 12 shots per roll setting, the picture in the next frame also got overlapped. The colors appear more saturated maybe because of the flash.

The Bust

A bust installed on the ground at MG Road. The sunlight was falling from the opposite direction. Since the film is of ISO 400 and it was daylight only a part of nostril could be captured. May be if the statue was white in color or the film was of higher ISO, the details would have been finer.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Blurry blurry

Night traffic at Marathalli Bridge. The red light thrown by the indicators of the vehicles going in the other direction can be seen on the left very faintly.

And the flag still hoists

Pillar of one side of KR Pura bridge at Bangalore. The flag on the pillar on the other side was torn, so avoided capturing it. It was cloudy day, the film being ISO 50 lead to pronounced vignetting, though the aperture used was "cloudy"

Photographic Thriller

First got the light painting done. Then used a deep blue filter with fisheye lens and took a selfie. Night, Indoor photography with lights off and flash on.

Metro Tracks

Exposure time was 2-3 seconds which resulted in the dreamy look.

Work in Progress

A gated community under construction in Bangalore. I could see only the building from the view finder. Even the borders of it were not properly visible. So I used 38mm lens. I was fortunate enough to fit those birds on the left into the frame. The guy who was biking was looking at me strangely, he did not understand why the hell would one take a picture of an incomplete venture. Dude, your ride bikes, you are good only with it!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A memory of Bhutan

A Buddhist Bell which I bought in Bhutan. It has got an elevated solar panel at the front and rotates in the clockwise direction with solar power. The noon lighting falling from the window was much brighter for the naked eye, but since it is only ISO 200, the photograph appears as if it is shot in the evening light.

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