Sunday, January 11, 2015

Romancing with #DianaF+

#DianaF+ with #75mmLens and #FishEye viewfinder

#DianaF+ with #75mmLens and a normal viewfinder

#ShutterSpeed controls for #DianaF+
N - Normal Mode (shutter opens and closes again.#ExposureDuration is approx. 1/60 of a secn. No control)
B - Bulb (shutter remains open as long as the spring shutter is pressed and held down, shutter closes only when it is released) 

#Aperture settings for #DianaF+
Partially Cloudy
Sunny and

#38mmLens for #Superwide angle of #DianaF+.#AngleofView is 120 degrees, hence used for #streetphotography. 

#20mmLens #FishEye of #DianaF+, which offers 180 degrees of #AngleofView and maximum distortion. 

#55mmLens#Wide-Angle for #DianaF+ 

#110mmLens#Telephoto for #DianaF+. Used to produce #SoftFocus. 

#CloseupLens to be used with #55mmLens of#DianaF+ for #MacroPhotography 

#120mmFilm back for #DianaF+. 12 shot setting is active in this picture and the 5th frame is in use. A mask has to be inserted of 16 shot setting has to be activated 

Sleeping with ‪#‎DianaF‬+

I know there are many shutter-bugs around me. And they want me join them. But that was something too serious for me. I wanted something in the middle. Above point and shoot, but below DSLRs.
Then I had to learn ‪#‎Lomography‬ was what I was looking at. The moment I learnt it, I also had to realize, that a pretty creature called Diana was already waiting for me. She was questioning me with her eyes (lenses),”Where were you all these days?”. Her plastic curves were so inviting and she wanted me lay my hands on her, touch her and feel her. She knows life is not perfect. And so are men, women, photographers, films and cameras. She repeatedly says that she excuses mistakes and lets you learn from them. She never minds even if I am lazy or forget to roll the film for the next shot. Instead, she creates interesting overlaps. And she admits, she herself has got defects like chromatic aberrations, light leaks, vignettes, etc.. But she is always aware of them, and only utilizes them to thrill you. She is vintage, traditional, orthodox, old and out of fashion. She only uses the film. She is humble, never has too much of financial implications on you. She is adjustable, satisfied with 35mm film, but is excited if I use 120 film. Apart from all these, she’s got her own sweet nothings to tell me about. What else can a man expect from his darling partner? Or a photographer, from his darling camera.
Diana, I know that you love me. And you will come to know how much I love you, only in the coming days…muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah….  <3 <3 <3

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